Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Matching Dragoons Posting Schedule

How about we try to set up some sort of schedule, shall we? Seeing as how I don't get PAID to do this plus the fact that my daily hit rate is .025, here is the schedule until further notice:

Sunday: Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics. We grab a random comic from the collection and view the best/worst/weirdest bit we can find.
Monday: ----
Tuesday: Vintage Jonah Hex Recap. Starting in Weird Western Tales and running through Jonah Hex Vol 2, we recap the plot, post some scans, update the body count, track the injuries and try to cram the story into a meaningful timeline.
Wednesday: ----
Thursday: Pitchman-a-go-go. Everyone loves the ads in comics. The saddest part is that we can't buy the 2 man submarine anymore.
Friday: ----
Saturday:Various & Sundry Items Whatever doesn't fit on the other days.

I'm now commited to 3 days a week. Wheeeee.

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