Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reasons to buy the new Jonah Hex #1

Yeah, around here we are slowly wading through all the past goodness of Jonah Hex, but why should buy the new series? Here is reason #1

He has a personal code of ethics that is murky at best.

He's a bounty hunter that kills for a living, kills in self defense, sometimes kills just to get some peace & quiet. But when an innocent is killed it weighs heavily on him. In a shootout, a small girl standing nearby is struck down & Jonah is unable to save her. For years afterward he visits her grave and for years her mother tries to kill Jonah in revenge. How does Jonah handle it all? He beds the woman & then to appease her thirst for vengence he fakes his own capture & eventual death.
How's THAT for a murky set of personal ethics?


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