Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics #3

So let's see if I can sum up what has happened so far.
Scientist develops ray gun that will allow airbreathing creatures to live underwater, but has never tested it at full strength. Lois Lane discovers a enemy spy is going to steal the ray gun. The spy shoots Lois with the gun at full strength & ... ... She turns into snow. (instead of water , DUH!!!)
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so Superman discovers Snow-Lois at a winter carnival and saves her, then rushes to rescue the scientist, but encounters the villians who open fire at him...

So he uses the frozen dying form of the woman he loves as a shield even allowing some thug in a purple robe to shoot her right in the head!! BUT WAIT!!!! they decide to shoot Superman with the ray-gun and .... IT WORKS!! (This is 1971 when all Kryptonite was gone but Superman was suffering from strange weaknesses).

Now Snow-perman holding Snow Lois gets a great idea, he'll thaw himself out using his heat vision reflected off a steel door. Of course, he wisely uses only his left eye, cuz the right eye doesn't go VROOOSH, but ZZZZKKKKZZAAKKK.

This clever plan results in Snow-perman becoming Superman and Lois becoming a small puddle of water. HAR HAR HAR! I Fooled YOU! This is a Lois Lane comic, so NOTHING happens that follows any laws of physics, Lois is fine, still snow, but fine! Superman, reverses the ray-gun and shoots Lois & she becomes flesh & blood once again. However, Superman does mention that she is a cold beyotch and she gets mad and tears up a photograph of him just to teach him a lesson.

That's what you missed by not buying Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #107 Jan 1971.

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The One and Only said...

I love how the blast of heat vision will only work riiiiiiiight....NOW!!! Good thing he times it out to the millisecond. One fraction of a second later and he would've been Frosty for life, not to mention Lois would still have had that head wound that was mysteriously fixed when she was reconstituted...