Friday, September 08, 2006

Pitchman-A-Go-Go #7

TASK FORCE!! FLYING COFFINS!!!! Only $1.50 EACH!!!! Why didn't I BUY THIS?!?!?!

Task Force - had 2 GIANT BATTLEFIELDS that covered 3 sq ft (so it was 3ft by 1 ft, not really GIANT) that has 6 Pacific islands!! Of course, Task Force sells for $3 in stores and is played by members of the real Armed Forces!!

But my favorite part is the blurb on Flying Coffins!!!
"A salute to the heroes of a bygone era when the average life span of an active pilot was 19 days and his choice was burning or leaping to his death. WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER??"

Also in Flying coffins you get 4 EXPLODING BARRACKS roaring infernos as roofs and walls blow apart. safe & reusable. Nothing like a good reusable roaring inferno!!

You could have purchased this from .... Helen of Toy!! back in 1971.

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