Monday, October 02, 2006

Palmiotti and Gray - DORKS!!! UPDATED!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago there was some talk about a Jonah Hex story that was nixed by the DC editors. It would have placed Jonah as an ancestor of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face). I ranted about it and warned:

Tying Jonah directly to the Dents and actually being an ancestor to one of the more famous villains is just a little too much to me. I can swallow the chance encounters, they really don’t alter either characters involved. So the Kents run into Jonah. Neither are worse for the wear. I can even take the slight reference to St. Roch in a recent Jonah Hex, but I think if do the Hex/Dent storyline a line may be crossed that will allow writers to take almost anything that happened in the 1870s and try to tie it to Jonah in an attempt to be clever. And then Jonah’s character will become a dumping ground for anything in “The Old West”. I don’t like it.

Well, I warned you folks & what really hacks me off, is that this 'dumping ground' moment was brought to us by the current writers of Jonah Hex. Thanks Palmiotti and Gray, thanks for trying to be cute and totally dorking up a Jonah Hex cameo.
UPDATE - Well, I posted a criticism of this on Gray's forum and he responded. Here is what he said:
That is an art error by Daniel Acuna. Jonah was supposed to be leading them BACK to Canyon DeChelly in 1868 not TO the reservation as depicted in the page layouts. I was very careful to make sure the timeline worked and we wanted to present Jonah was a friend to the Navajo, unfortunately production wise that didn't happen.

This isn't the first time that there has been an art error in a book and of course Jonah Hex #2 had an entire page flipped. Guess I should say that all is forgiven, even though I would like to see some sort of official correction, but how does one do that in a comic?

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Sleestak said...

Sounds like BS to me. I think your "dumping ground" theory is valid. Helping or oppressing there was no reason story wise to have Jonah appear.