Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Escort to Hell Ch 9

You both head west and end up in the mountain pass. Resting on top of a big slab of granite you see a type of craft called a hovo. It's a small one, but from this distance it looks intact.

You head over to examine it. The craft is wide-open and abandoned. "Where's the rider?" you ask.
"Rider? Oh, you mean the pilot. " Elena corrects.
All the lights are on and the dials seem to be registering power.

Do you:
Hop in with Elena and try to fly it (and if so, do you head NW, North, or NE since the hovo travels over any terrain) or
Make camp for the night & continue to head west through the pass in the morning?


Brandon said...


Brit said...

My vote is try to fly it northwest.

I wanna see if there really is a giant letter Y at that spot.