Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hex movie preview

Okay, if they ARE gonna make a Jonah Hex movie, here is how the preview should play out:

We see a man on horseback riding hellbent for leather on a horse in the dark. He keeps looking over his shoulder. He rides into a rainstorm and as he enters town the horse falls and throws him into the mud. He gets up, running still looking over his shoulder.

We see a another man on horseback ride into town. The storm is in full swing. The first man tries shooting his pursuer but it has no effect. He finally throws down his pistol and keeps running. He runs through the livery, down an alley and then finally finds a back door open to a store. He runs into the store turns around and runs into his pursuer. He screams and in a lightning flash we see the scarred face of Jonah Hex. Jonah's face is still illuminated by the gunfire as he shoots down his bounty.

With a dead man at his feet, Jonah lights up a smoke and then is suddenly knocked over the head and is knocked out.

Later we open with a close up of Jonah's face in daylight. He slowly opens his eyes and looks up. The camera spins around to Jonah's pov and we see a huge tentacled monster rising from the sand and just as Jonah reaches for his gun, laser fire from a hovercar blasts the monster to pieces. The camera does a fast pull out so that we see a high shot of Jonah surrounded by 3 hover cars.

Close up of Jonah. He smiles and then goes for his gun. the screen goes black as we hear gunfire.

End of preview.

Of course, this is for the Hex movie that Mike wants to see.


SallyP said...

Well, you had me right up to the hover cars.

Maybe I'll just go and watch High Plains Drifter again.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Like i said, this is the movie that Mike STerling wanted to see.