Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pitchman-A-Go-Go #20

The wacky Pitchman turns 20 and is proving that size does matter. But amazingly enough, back in 1981, guys were concerned with how TALL they were, not how big other parts of them were. So here for your reading pleasure is an ad for the Height Report, telling you how to stretch your way to height & babes (too bad the one on the right is missing a chin!)

William A. Reldnas is ready to share ALL of his secrets, including the special way to ride a bicycle! I don't think the pirate shirt, sideburns, mullet and porn mustache were included in the kit, though. Just remember guys,

"Yes! 2 to 4 inches CAN make all the difference in the world"

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SallyP said...



I've heard about this "method". What they do, is cut off your legs, fit in a couple of inches of extra shin bone, and glue you back together. In and out in one day!