Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bouquets and Brickbats #1

Just got my books for this month. Here are the bouquets and brickbats

Bouquet - Jonah Hex in New York City
Brickbat - Jonah Hex in New York City 'one week after the war finished', meaning the first week of April 1865, when we know that he didn't surrender to the Union forces until a week later (Jonah Hex #30).
Major Brickbat - Jonah in New York City in 1865 with his face being scarred (which happened in 1866, Jonah Hex #8)

Bouquet - Shaggy Man slowly taking over the Suicide Squad with the help of Cliff Carmichael.
Brickbat - The Suicide Squad trying to take out evil energy corporation Haake-Bruton. hmmmm
Hakke-Bruton lets move some letters around and replace a few...
Halle-Burton how would I spell that so it is easier to read?
Haliburton Ooooooooh so THEY'RE the evil company. hee hee [BARF]

I thought John Ostrander was a better writer than that.

Bouquet - Blackhawk, Boy Commandos, Metal Men, Robby Reed, Hawkman, and Atom all in one book.
Bigger Bouquet - Interlac on the Hero Dial
Even Bigger Bouquet - Andre having to translate for Andre.
A whole room of bouquets - The Metal Men all yelling at Mercury; the billboard citing Roberts, Ross, & Michaels

Bouquet - Bat Lash's little brother threatening the bad guys.
Brickbat - Brubaker not suffering more from getting a railroad spike in the shoulder.

Bouquet - Villians seeking sanctuary.
Brickbat - I have no idea what the cover of JLA had to do with the story.


SallyP said...

Pertinent comments, all.

Yeah, you'd think that getting a big ol'spike in your shoulder would actually do some damage!

Siskoid said...

My only little brickbat about that issue Brave and the Bold is that the French is atrocious.