Sunday, October 05, 2008

I Got's my books

Yup, I drug myself in for my once a month book purchase and here is what I thought.

Justice League of America - 25 issues and I FINALLY have a story that I am excited about. A new villain residing in the totem and the real world totally rewritten with the flick of a web, or is it?

Jonah Freaking Hex - How can this book not be on everyone's pull list? People, listen to me. This is actually literature! Sure it is horribly bloody and sadistic at times, but I find myself having to read this book out loud just so I can hear the flow of the dialogue and the text. This is one of the top issues of this book. 3 years strong & still going!

Booster Gold - I love time travel & I love time travel mysteries and I really love time travel mysteries that get convoluted. Booster Gold, a character I disliked and whose first series I never touched, is second on my reading list.

Ambush Bug - I laugh, I cry, I break all my furniture. Sadly my son doesn't share my enjoyment.

El Diablo - This is pretty interesting and I'm enjoying that Lazarus Lane is still along for the ride.

Blue Beetle - Sally, thanks for ruining the ending. Just remember, Rosebud is the sled.

Birds of Prey - The ending, holy crap, the ending. Did I say Holy Crap!? I meant to say HOLEEEE CRAAAAPPP!

Watchman - George was having a sale so I sprung for this novel. I wasn't sure how well it would stand up over 20 years. I've gotten through issue 2 & I'm still not sure. Thumbing through it and comparing it to the previews of the movie, it looks like they aren't cutting much out.

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SallyP said...

My GOD, you have fabulous taste!