Thursday, October 23, 2008

Them's fighting words!!!

Sea of Green has a hilarious post about Jonah Hex vs. Devil Dinosaur, but sadly she does not show Hex unleashing his second favorite weapon.... Dynamite!! Until she actually shows Jonah lobbing a few sticks, I refuse to believe the outcome of her fixed fight.

But that did get me thinking about other matchups like ....
Hex vs Optimus Prime?
Hex vs Power Pack?
Hex vs Lobo?
Hex vs ?????

I'll be gone next week (still posting a few things) but after that, I'll have to get cracking on a few of these.

Devil Dinosaur wins, my @$$


The Groovy Agent said...

You are so right. Jonah would blow Devil Dinosaur up real good. The big red lizard wouldn't know what hit 'im! (Still, that is one wickedly funny article!)

SallyP said...

I never even THOUGHT about dynamite! Of course, it is so logical now!

He could also rig up one of those cool booby traps involving a pit, wooden stakes and logs on ropes.

Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, Dwayne -- Devil Dinosaur once fought Godzilla. You SHOULD have Jonah Hex vs. Godzilla.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Hex vs. Power Girl. Now that'd be incredibly fun ;)

Jordan H said...

Knowing Jonah, Devil Dino would try to sneak up on him only ti find its just Hex's confederate grey's on a tree branch or something and Jonah would jump him from behind. Can't believe how many times he got away with that.

And yes, I do know that "jump him from behind" does sound vaguely improper. No, I'm not going to change it.

Jacob said...

Since a previous post featured Hex pistol-whipping a snow-leopard how about Hex taking on fellow arctic animal pugilist The Punisher?....In a Zoo!