Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Future plans & Current intrusions.


Now that we have THAT outta the way, let's sit down and talk. I have plans, great plans, ya see? But time is short and real life is encroaching into blog-life. Yup, wrapping, traveling, check-book balancing, cleaning and packing are the villains of the piece (if you live in the blog-o-sphere).

What are these denizens of darkness battling? Well; JLA #199 for one, my wonderful essay on the Tragic Hex, the continuation of Cassie Wainwright saga, my further attempts to get clearance from Kraft foods to post a Pitchman-A-Go-Go that will rock the comics/cheese blogs around the world, the fantastic introduction of the DH comics calendar, and a battle royale to determine the King of the Backup Features.

All that will have to wait until '09. I do have a 'few' goodies pre-loaded for your enjoyment, but don't be dissappointed if they seem kinda lonely.

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SallyP said...

Curse you, real life! It's ok, Dwayne, go and snuggle with your family and have a Merry Christmas.