Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comics Cavalcade Calendar #1

The Comics Cavalcade Calendar was a stunt I came up with back in the 90's. I was inspired by Radioactive Man comics that was being printed at the time, the idea (of mine) was for a fictional comic book company that had been in business since the 1930's and they had produced a page-a-day calendar of the highlights of their history. I was trying to come up with one a day (it wasn't easy and I had several lapses) but I had to figure out the issue numbers so that they would properly correspond with the dates given on the calendar. The quality on some of these scans may be pretty low. These are scans of photocopies (the originals are looooong gone).

So, here, for the first time on the intrawebs, the Comics Cavalcade Calendar from DH Comics (Daily-Happy Comics).

Historical Note: The 3-Demon was always drawn with a red ink, a blue ink and a green ink, presenting a 3-D effect. Each issue starring the 3-Demon also included a pair of 3-Demon glasses.
Mr. Fabulous, aka Walter Winters, unable to defeat the 3-Demon, transports into the Negatory Zone.
The Fabulous Five #26, May 1966

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