Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Big Bang Butt joke!!!

Watched a new episode of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon makes mention that he has some money stashed away in the hollowed out buttocks of a super-hero action figure. I start snickering, wondering and hoping beyond hope as to which super-hero gets that honor.

A few minutes Leonard makes mention that Green Lantern has two $50's in his ass. With God and my Lovely Wife as my witness, I almost spewed ice tea halfway across the living room.

Thanks, Sally & Sea, for making Hal Jordan's Gluteus Maximi one of the high points of my week.


SallyP said...

If you ARE going to hide money in a Superhero's ass, you darn toot'n better pick the best one to do it with...and that's Hal. Or ANY Green Lantern, really.

See? See? It's not just me!

Sea_of_Green said...

HA!! OMG, I must find that episode! Maybe it'll show up on YouTube or something.