Friday, February 20, 2009

Jonah Hex on The Brave and The Bold

Wow, it's official, the ghost of Bob Haney is writing The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network!! The intro starts off with Jonah Hex being tied to four horses by...The Royal Flush Gang!!! Batman manages to cut three of the ropes before Jonah is dragged off. Jonah ends up skiing behind the horse and then jumping atop it. Together, he and Batman capture the gang and Jonah asks if Batman wants to split the bounty.

Batman says that he fights for justice, not money to which Jonah flips him a gold coin, telling Bats to get a decent hat.

End of intro. No explanation of WHEN this took place or how it took place. Then we are in China where an old Kung-Fu master is being attacked by three evil martial artists, former students..The Terrible Trio (Shark, Vulture & Fox). Of course the Bronze Tiger gets involved, the Top gets beat up, Batman has ancient Chinese flashback and the Haney-vision button on my remote melts in self-defense.

Have I said how much I enjoy this show??? You can watch it here


SallyP said...

I DID see it, and it was fabulous. In fact, I could have done without the whole Bronze Tiger part, and just had a whole issue with Jonah Hex.

Eldest said...

Just wait, fifty episodes later Grant will take over the writing chores and then the UNIVERSE WILL HANG IN THE BALANCE BASED ON BATMAN TAKING THAT GOLD COIN....and not buying a decent hat with it

SallyP said...

The funniest part about that, is that it could actually happen!