Friday, February 06, 2009

Weekly Wonderous Moment In Comics #49


The world was in turmoil and danger and Harvey Comics came to the rescue with


Wow, this sucks on so many levels but I have to give it up for Harvey for including that WARNING to CIVILIANS to NEVER! NEVER! NEVER touch a radio-active bomb!!!

They give us a glimpse on the cover of the wonders of the hand, but the splash page promises so much more...crap.
Let's take a closer look at that hand (which, by the way, was installed after our hero actually stuck his hand inside an atomic bomb and his left hand melted off!!)

Hmmm, his index finger can knock you unconscious or shatter an engine block. (hope he doesn't get the settings confused on that one.) If he flips you off, he's just using the X-Ray probe (Feel free to insert any jokes right here.) His thumb is a camera, his pinky is a digital recorder. It's like he has a freaking i-Hand or something.

But who does he battle? The Whisperer! And everyone knows...

The Whisperer...
Chillin' like a Villian!!


SallyP said...

I can tell you one thing. Spyman is going to be shooting blanks from sitting on that radioactive bomb thingie.

Sleestak said...

Steranko-designed robot hand, baby!

Sleestak said...

And the corner logo figure fo Spyman is gesturing "STOP! Don't buy this!"

Anonymous said...
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