Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Wonderous Moment In Comics #51

So, as I was telling you earlier, Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter, went to the zoo with a professor that said he had developed a machine that would allow people to read the minds of animals. That sort of thing was really at the top of the public's Want List back in 1957. Sadly, the machine didn't work. Not until a gorilla started pushing some buttons. (park your cursor over the pictures for extra Chris Sims inspired fun. I work hard to make you laugh.)

Well, I guess it didn't work after all. Jimmy can't read the gorilla's mind, he HAS the gorilla's mind and vice versa. Of course, jungle Jimmy may hurt himself so the professor lets Gorilla Jimmy out the cage to rescue his own body.

Now remember, Jimmy had summoned Superman via the signal watch just a few seconds earlier. Supey shows up just in time to...

WAIT KIDS!! How many things can you see wrong with this picture?
1) Superman has a green leg.
2) Superman is hitting the tree.
3) Gorilla Jimmy and Jungle Jimmy appear to be .. uh...well, uh.. DON'T LOOK KIDS!!!!
4) The professor still hasn't contacted his attorney to keep his inventing arse from being sued from here to Texarkana!

After a good laugh, everything doesn't get sorted out by Superman. Supes tries to recreate the experiment to reverse the process, but even though he tried the over 65 million button combinations, they failed. But Jimmy has to get to work. Superman puts jungle Jimmy in a huge enclosed area on Perry White's estate and Gorilla Jimmy heads for work.

Gorilla Jimmy does a ton of good deeds around Metropolis, saving kids from burning buildings, holding up falling buildings while Superman fixes them, ya know, everyday cub reporter turned Gorilla in an orange suit whilst wearing a hat kinda stuff.

Anyway, Superman finally realizes that Jimmy's ultrasonic watch contributed to mind switch and he gives the mind machine to jungle Jimmy who presses the same combination of buttons that he did earlier. Jungle Jimmy is suddenly regular Jimmy! Yay! But Gorilla Jimmy is suddenly...

Wow, Superman, while you stopped off to get your cape bleached you were letting a rampaging gorilla loose at the Daily Planet. Ya know, for an old fart, Perry White has one helluva a vertical on him. Maybe the OKC Thunder should sign him up.

Anyway, that's the story of Gorilla Jimmy Olsen. But here is one last shot of Gorilla Jimmy and Jungle Jimmy.

Hee hee, Jungle Jimmy is scratching himself. hee hee hee


Sea_of_Green said...

And people wonder why fans always make fun of Jimmy Olsen. Personally, I liked him better as a monkey!

SallyP said...

I can't help but think that this probably isn't the weirdest thing that as happened to Jimmy.

Eldest said...

Well there was that one time he turned into a giant turtle and fought Darkseid