Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Chapter Wherein I Recount the Whirlwind of Our Lives and Then a Cat Walks in...

We had a huge hail storm come ripping through town back in February and almost everyone in our neighborhood has gotten a new roof by now. That is pretty silly since the heavy storm season in central Oklahoma isn't over until June. We decided to wait to contact the insurance company. No reason to pay our deductable twice now, is there?

Anyway, the roofers are now here and should be done tomorrow and the rest of my week will be shopping for a new screen door, window screens, repainting some trim, and working with lovely wife trying to determine the best guttering company to go with.

All that to say, with this workload and my recent out of town trip, I'm kinda short in the research/posting department. Next week will pick back up with the Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics, the next issue of Jonah Hex, some comments on other books that I enjoy (I read more than just one book, silly), more Pitchman-A-Go-Go, and possibly a treat for Neal Adams fans out there.

Until then,

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Sea-of-Green said...

Yeah, we went through that a few years ago in Indianapolis. Everyone was frantically calling their insurance agents to get their battered roofs replaced -- because all these NEW roofing guys were coming by and telling them, "Oooh, your shingles are bruised and gotta be replaced."

Luckily, we had a regular roofing guy who'd just worked on our roof a couple of months prior. He came by, looked at our roof, and said, "Gotta any leaks in the house?"


Then he looked around at all the new roofs going up around the neighborhood, shook his head, and said, "Your neighbors are getting ripped off. You don't need to call your insurance agent. Save it for something serious."

We did. We still have the same roof. And a lot of local roofing contractors (and some homeowners) have since been sued for insurance fraud.