Tuesday, June 23, 2009

30 day recap!!

Well it has been 30 days. Let's recap the challenge between myself & SallyP. The contest was to see who could post the most pics of blows to the head of their favorite hero and all pics had to be from the personal collection. Let's see how things are going:

Green Lantern:
Guy punches Hal in the face.
Hal gets zapped in the face.
Batman punches Hal in the face.
Hal's ring tries to strangle him. (Not a blow to the head. I toss a yellow card)
Hal laying in the dirt after getting hit by Capt. Atom. (We don't see the blow..hmmm)
Hal's arm gets cut off. (No damage to the head. I believe I have just won here.)
Hal gets hit with a model airplane.
A thug hits Hal in the head.
A Zamaron shmushes Hal's head against a rock.
Hal gets hit with pink goo. (Hmm, doesn't look like a head wound to me)
Hal punches a bear with his shoulder (although Sally thinks he uses his head...not)
Hal gets a yellow smack to the noggin.
Dr. Light cranks Hal on the ole bean.
Ollie punches Hal in the snoot.
Kari Limbo slaps Hal.
Airwave punches Hal.
Hal smacks his head on AIR!!!
Another yellow smack to the head.
Hal runs into a sign. (But we don't get to see the impact. Hmmmm)
Hal gets a KAGROWMM in the snoot.
Hal goes on a Tobaggan ride & hits his head
Resorting to purchasing a Showcase in order to continue, Sally shows us Hal falling down.
Hal hitting someone with his head....or punching them and all we see is butt? You decide!!
Ollie punching Hal Spectre!
A boot to the head? Yeah, I can see that.
John doesn't punch Hal (but Sally hopes you can see it.)
Hal vs the Batmobile.
Hal with the immovable skull.

Jonah Hex:
Each & every one of these are a clear blow to Jonah Hex, striking him above the neck. (I use tags, makes my life easier!)

Anyway, it's clear to me that I have already won this contest, thus forcing SallyP to change her blog to Orange and post about Jonah Hex, old comic ads, and a Weekly Wonderful Moment in Comics for an entire week (and NO mention of Green Lantern at all!). But I suppose she'll use her feminine wiles and stretch this out for another month. I got nothing but time, nothing but time (and plenty of scans!!)

Of course, YOU dear reader, could end this all but deluging Sally with comments about she has already lost, maybe she'll cave in and admit defeat!


Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, the suspense! The SUSPENSE!

SallyP said...

You're mocking me...aren't you?

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Me? A mocker?
Just think of this as a highlight reel.