Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brave and the Bold "Duel of the Double Crossers"

WOW! That episode was like Bob Haney dropping acid!

Jonah Hex has been kidnapped by Mongul (jr.) to hunt down fighters for War World so that Mongul can defeat his sister, Mongal, in combat. Jonah ends up having to hunt down Batman for Mongul. Once on War World, Mongul refuses to send Hex back to his own time. Eventually, Jonah helps Batman defeat Steppenwolf (Mongal's warrior) and then Batman & Jonah have to battle Lashina & Stompa, and then finally Mongal.

Once they finally face down Mongul, they can either destroy the time machine and release all of Mongul's prisoners or give up. Jonah tells Batman to destroy the time machine and he does. Once Mongul is subdued, Batman offers to take Jonah back to Earth and find a way home for him.

Jonah refuses, saying that things are just starting to get interesting. Batman teleports home and Jonah mounts up on his robot horse, taking his light based bullwhip with him. Just them Lashina appears, twirling her whips and says "Giddy-up" and then we see her sitting behind Jonah as they ride across War World.

Bob Haney looked down from heaven and smiled.

I'll get some photos posted next week.


SallyP said...

Oh, it was fun, wasn't it? When Jonah Hex appeared, I thought of you immediately.

Presumably, he and Lashina had an interesting time.

Now if they would just have a Guy Gardner, Jonah Hex Batman team-up, I'd be in little fangirl heaven.

Kandou Erik said...

That episode was good. Jonah Hex is always good for a regular old western - but he oddly also works as an out of place character in weird places too. (Like in JLU, where he simply said to the time-tossed Justice Leagers "I figured you're Time Travelers"

They no doubt left Hex in the present so he can have future team ups with Batman. But maybe then Batman can get Jonah back to his own time, and have an adventure with Batlash and Scalp Hunter.
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googum said...

For some reason--and it would've been waaaaaay too dark for this show--I instantly imagined a glum Batman, home in the Batcave, thinking, "Well, I know Hex will get home someday..." as he looks at the stuffed and mounted corpse in a display case.

Still, great episode--who did Hex's voice?

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Googum, that is an AWESOME ending. Jonah was played by Phil Morris, who played Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld.