Monday, June 22, 2009

I give up!!!!

No, I don't surrender to SallyP in our battle over who gets hit in the head more: Hal Jordan or Jonah Hex? I give up on MTV as a source of actual news (and THAT shouldn't really even be news itself!)

These two tidbits from MTV shows that either:
A) MTV reporters are making crap up as they go alomg
B) Megan Fox is playing around with MTV reporters.

From the first report I quote:

“You don’t think there will be a sequel to ‘Jonah Hex’?” Megan Fox teased
when we caught up with her recently, discussing the future of the gunslinging
bounty-hunter. “They leave it open for a sequel.”

That’s right, folks — the August 6th film concludes with an ending that
sets up a “Jonah Hex 2.” And, according to the “
Transformers: Revenge of
the Fallen
” sexpot, some last-minute script rewrites made sure that Jonah
could get back on his robot horse and ride again.

ROBOT HORSE?!?!?!? Obviously these MTV folks watch nothing but the Cartoon Network!!

The second report has me thinking that Megan is yanking their chain or that this is an old interview:

It’s basically a cameo,” revealed Fox when we spoke with her recently.
“She’s a twisted love-interest to Jonah’s character; my part’s pretty small.”

As fans know, Jonah Hex populates a deadly world filled with lies, lead
and life-threatening encounters. Which is why Fox’s next statement made it seem
even less likely that her character Leila would be returning for those

“I worked the first week, and then I was shot out of the movie,”
explained the beauty, who can be seen in next week’s “Transformers: Revenge of
the Fallen.” “My scenes with Josh were my favorite, because he really pushed me
as an actor. He obviously knows what he’s doing.”

I do know that she only shot for a week, but there are some indications that this is no longer the case.

Personally, I really really doubt the reporting chops of MTV, they toute a headline about a Jonah Hex sequel with Ms. Fox only stating that there COULD be a sequel. Hell, ANY movie made COULD have a sequel!! Good gosh Almighty!!!


SallyP said...

Well! For a second there, I was really living.

Yeah, Megan Fox doesn't really seem to be exactly a reliable source of information. I get all of MY news from the Daily Show anyway.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Hee hee

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Megan Fox also said that she didn't like Wonder Woman, and well, that went over board on the net. 0.0
So, this is some of the little fight you two have been getting at?

Sea-of-Green said...

I gave up on MTV WAY back when they forgot they were supposed to be a music channel. :-\

And VHI has turned into the TV version of The Book of Lists.

I think the only channel left that actually plays primarily music videos is the country channel.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

My same thoughts exactly about Mtv.