Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con abuzz with Jonah Hex news

I've been trolling the internet looking for the news on the Jonah Hex sneak peek at Comic Con. The first thing I will tell you is to not click on anything linking to a Jonah Hex Red Band Trailer. Those are all scams & virus downloads. YEEESH!!!

Wired: talks a little bit Brolin's view of Jonah Hex and about the make-up.

CBR: Has more from Jimmy Hayward's view and CBR also posts this little tidbit: Hex started in the ‘70s as a pure western character, but by the mid ‘80s, he had traveled to a post apocalyptic future where he fought zombies with laser guns. It is obvious that CBR writer Ben Matthews never read one single issue of HEX.

Dread Central: hints at a train explosion in the film.

IO9: Tells us this:
The footage we saw at Comic-Con was frenetic ala Sam Raimi, with speedy steadycam and monsters that practically vibrated with psychedelic imagery. Our hero Jonah Hex has a hideously scarred face, and has died and come back as some kind of undead mega-gunslinger. The movie is a liberal adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, and Hayward said he's a fan of the comic but chose not to use its iconic voodoo villains for the flick. Still we get a lot of supernatural imagery, terrific-looking vamps erupting out of the ground and a raven squirming out of Jonah's deformed mouth.
Wow, how many people are going to report on this film like they have been reading the comic their entire lives and get everything wrong?!?!

CBR: also let's know a little bit about the trailer that was shown. This caught my eye:
Hayward answered and said that they used a bit of everything from Hex’s mythology – from both his old comics and his newer ones. He even mentioned that current “Jonah Hex” writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray came to the set and gave some input. Brolin seemed pleased to add that the daughter of John Albano (who created Jonah Hex) also came to the set and gave her blessing to the production.

Can you spot what (or who) is missing there? I hope so & I hope that WB is able to resolve that gaping hole.

IMDB: Message boards gives a play by play of the sneak peek. This is probably the best reporting I have seen thus far about this part of the Comic Con panel.

Time: This short blurb: Jonah Hex is a pleasantly gritty para-western, notable partly for the incredibly ugly facial prosthetic Josh Brolin has to wear. Seriously, that thing is hard to look at. I guess I'm just squeamish.

So far it is clear that this movie is not about a zombie Confederacy but there are some supernatural elements to it (Tying in to the Indian heritage that Jonah Hex has, I'm pretty sure.)


Daza said...

I know who is missing! I know! MF?

Doesn't surprise me - strikes me that the folks involved in making the film have come to the project based on the script, not on a understanding of the comics themselves. At least they didn't make complete asses of them selves by say the character was created by Joe Lansdale and Timothy Truman.

SallyP said...



Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

I think the majority of the reporters read Wikipedia to get an understanding of Jonah. I know that traffic to my site from there has taken quite a jump recently. I also suppose they search Amazon for info as well.

But referring to zombies in Hex, mentioning a graphic novel of Jonah Hex (which does not exist, yet), and generalyy making crap up, does not lead me to take anything else these reporters (& their websites) seriously.