Thursday, August 06, 2009

HP stands for Hated Products

Yup, I'm starting to hate HP products. We purchased an HP Photosmart C7250 All-in-one with a scanner/fax attachment. We could never get the fax to work and the scanner would work in wonky ways (scanning with strips in the scan, scan with a yellow tint, scan with a purple tint) and finally we called customer service to get the fax working.

My Lovely Wife spent 4 hours on the phone with the fine gentleman with the heavy accent but to no avail. I then spent 2 more hours on the phone with a delightful lady with a heavy accent and she determined that the unit was broken. They shipped a replacement and it worked just fine.

Until yesterday. That is when the printer stopped working. Well, stopped working when you try to print something. It will print a self test just fine, it can find the network just peachy, but my network knows the printer is there but nothing will print.

I have reconfigured the network, reattached the printer to the network, downloaded updates and am working on uninstalling/reinstalling the printer. I am not looking forward to 7 hours of tech support since I have family coming in today and I'm leaving for a trip next week.

I said all that to say all this... posting will be picture light for the next week and posting may even be light since my local Comic Shop went belly up and I haven't moved my pull list to another shop (gotta do that this weekend)

On the plus side, I did win an ebay auction for some Jonah Hex movie logo tattoos as well as the complete run of Jonah Hex: Riders of the Work and Such. I haven't gotten the tats yet, but I have read the RotW&S. I'm NOT looking forward to doing an indepth review of this....'garbage' is the wrong word, since it insults the usefulness of garbage, but I'll think of something else by the time we get to that. We still have to finish up Jonah Hex, then move through Hex, and also trot through Jonah Hex; Two-Gun Mojo. On the downside, after Riders, we will be forced to read Jonah Hex: Shadows West (the only book that I ever purchased, read, and returned to the store, not even wanting my tainted money in return).

Anyway, hope ya'll's day is better than mine.


SallyP said...

Hey, I've got one of those HP printer/scanner/fax thingies, and it doesn't work either!

Riders of the Worm was not...very good. I did get a chuckle out of Two-Gun Mojo however.

Stephen said...


Daza said...

Joe Lansdale's Hex work for vertigo was a prime example of the "Once funny, twice silly, third time deserves a smack" rule