Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jonah Hex movie Halloween costumes

Got an email (Thx to Jim!) pointing me to this video of a display of licensed Jonah Hex movie Halloween costumes. You can turn off the sound because all it has is loud music.

The little kid in the fullface costume is kinda weird, what with the "Megan Fox" chicks tramping around and the Playboy banner in the background. Also note the other fullhead mask (1:13). Is that John Malkovich? (I don't think so, too creepy). Note the background on the banner around 0:51 (the graveyard), that's a graveyard in New Orleans where they shot part of the film.

Based on the cost of this fullhead Avatar mask, looks like the Jonah Hex masks will run about $40. Hmmm, worth it? Official guns & knives? (My wife is gonna kill me for having these). Quentin Turnbulls cane? (Maybe they'll have a Turnbull mask as well.)

On a side note, which year was it that Halloween got declared a 'sexy' holiday?