Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is the movie actually 'Hex'ed?

Jonah Hex, a film that I have literally been waiting 30+ years for ( I waited for Spider-Man longer and was wonderfully fulfilled), is about to be released... or is it?

There is a rumor (yes, a rumor) that Jonah Hex MAY get it's release date pushed back. Ya know what? I'm getting damn tired of the sloppy reporting that is surrounding this film. Is it me or does everything released about this film just end up going totally primate feces after a day or two? Does this happen with every film & I just don't notice it because I'm not tracking them daily? Let's look at some of the crap being spread about this film:

  • NY Mag reports that the film is going to be a disappointing blockbuster because of it's $150 mil budget. FACT: The original budget was $40 & got bumped up to $50.
  • Report after report after report of zombies in the film. FACT: No zombies. This from the director and other good sources. Bloggers & reporters just cut & paste all kinds of crap.
  • There were extensive reshoots (50+ plus pages cited in some instances). FACT: There is a difference between a reshoot and shooting additional footage. A reshoot is changing a storyline, additional footage is to expand the storyline. (Goldilocks going to the house of the three Orcs is a reshoot. Goldilocks going to the three bears house because she got lost chasing her puppy is additional footage.)
  • An additional director was called in to take over. FACT: Francis Lawrence was called in as a consultant to Jimmy Hayward and didn't 'take over'.
  But still, there is the lingering question as to why no trailer? There was a teaser at San Diego Comic Con, but nothing at Wonder Con. Folks thought the trailer might be in front of Clash of the Titans, but now there is talk it will be in front of Nightmare on Elm Street. There are other films being released after Jonah Hex that already have trailers available (Knight and Day, Cats and Dogs; The Revenge of Kitty Galore). So what is the major malfunction here?

Every day fills me with dread, every OTHER day puts back in a little bit of hope that the film might be good. Either way, the 'reporting' that blogs, twitter, and even regular print publications is doing, is damn near criminal in their negligence. Can June 18th get here fast enough?


Daza said...

It's all a bit messy, with the Warners PR machine seeming to have taken their eye off the ball. The Comic Con press conference and setting up a Facebook group last year suggested someone had some basic idea regarding how to market their product. I tracked the Man-Thing film from 2001 to its eventual release and there was nothing that even suggested the film makers wanted folk to know their was a film in production.

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Jim-in-Seattle said...

I just saw this post today:

Jim-in-Seattle said...

Saw this too:

Daza said...

some "interesting" spoilers amongst reviews from folk at the preview have been posted at AICN.