Monday, April 26, 2010

Teaser for the Jonah Hex trailer

This popped up via Twitter and I tracked it down on Youtube. It appears to be originally posted on It's a commercial for SyFy where they are advertising they will debut the trailer on April 29. Only ten seconds long and some of that is the SyFy logo

So what do we actually SEE on this teaser?
  • Hex on a horse.
  • Leila jerking open a door.
  • Hex using a makeshift flamethrower.
  • An explosion (that I figure is the Confederate ironclad seen here.)
  • Hex on a horse equipped  with dual Gatling guns.
  • Lot of folks getting mowed down by the guns.
  • Leila pointing a pistol.
  • Hex riding away from some sort of mining operation as it explodes.
  • Quentin Turnbull.
  • A crossbow/pistol hybrid?
  • Hex & Leila jumping (?) from an explosion (more than likely the Confederate ironclad explosion.)
The Gatling guns supports some of what I read in the original script and what was on the storyboards. The explosions jive with some of what I had heard about the film blowing up a lot of the actual sets. The flamethrower and crossbow confirm another rumor about the range of weapons in the film (even if they weren't actually invented by the time the film is set in, they were possible with known technology.)

I'm looking forward to seeing a longer trailer.

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Jim-in-Seattle said...

Actually- this makes me feel slightly better. It looks, I don't know, kind of "fun". Some of the tweets from the sneak were brutal but this film will never be confused with Bergman, and I will settle for "stuff blowed up real good" Thanks Dwayne.