Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A second round of Jonah Hex Heroclix!

Heroclix! The game that has died a thousand deaths (well, actually one), a game that got me pulled over in an airport for secondary inspection, a game that gobbled up a ton of my cash until they started constantly changing the rules and my old brain couldn't remember any of it. Heroclix has announced that they are releasing the Jonah Hex 3 figure battle-pack.

These are pretty lowcost characters and they are all common, so you can use multiples in your army (I think, better check the rules). First up is Jonah Hex:
Jonah costs 65 points, has only 6 clicks of life but his last four clicks have willpower, so you can push him all you want. He also has Blades/Claws/Fangs (tomahawk), Toughness, Running Shot & Ranged Combat Expert. This sculpt is about on par with the first sculpt that was based on the Vertigo series.

Next up is Quentin Turnbull for 40 points.

The wily old coot has 4 clicks of life and comes with Mastermind, Perplex and Outwit.

Finally, we have Megan Fox for 15 points. Boy, is she cheap! 

She has Enhancement and Psychic Blast and only 3 clicks of life.

So, if you're still playing Heroclix, get ready to grab some of these in August when they hit the stores.

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