Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Jonah Hex reviews are in.

I thought I would compile a place for all the Jonah Hex reviews that I can find.

First up, Roger Ebert gives it three stars. Now it's down to two stars. I swear it was three. Musta been a typo on the website.

Comic Book Movies gives it a B-.

Canadian Press doesn't care for it.

Movies Online give it 4 out 10.

Orlando Sentinel graces it with 2 out of 4.

Portland Oregon didn't care for it much.

Metromix in Chicago gives it a thumbs down.

Hollywood Reporter laments that too much of the film ended up on the editing room floor.

St Petersburg Times is thinking about revisiting it on DVD.

NPR is one reviewer who actually gets all the facts straight about Jonah (except one, can you spot it?) before handing out the thumbs down.

Hampton Roads loved the film.

National Post gas it's doubts regarding the final outcome

The Toronto Sun hated it, but then again, they refer to Jonah Hex as an "oft-canceled..western outlaw" and call Jonah Hex as a "failed comic". There is a reporter that doesn't get facts straight.

The Huffington Post, sadly, can't review a movie without making a correlation between the Tea Party movement and suicide bombers.

The Christian Science Monitor keeps it short and sweet, and doesn't like it.


Unknown said...

It's not looking good for a sequel really, but you never know, the critics hung Transformers 2 out to dry but it stormed the theatres. The fil isn't set to hit the UK till September, but hopefully it will be on the in-flight systems when I fly back down to NZ in July...

Susan said...

If I can sit through "Future Hex" and the last 2 Vertigo minis, then dangit, I can sit through this. And then I shall pray for an unrated DVD release with all the stuff they took out packed back in.

Fred said...

The mistake on the NPR review notes his first appearence as " All Star Western", it was in fact "All Star Western Review".

I'll see this tonight. Hopefully we will pull in a few new fans, and boost Mr. Hex's appearences in DC Books. And you never know, foriegn attendence and DVD sales have mandated more then one sequeal.

Meagan Fox should just be type cast as a prostitute, a poorly acting one at that.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Actually "All Star Western" was really named "All Star Western". The mistake was that NPR listed Stiletta as a nemesis of Jonah's when she was an ally.