Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More DC movie info

I got to thinking, since someone mentioned Swamp Thing, that there were more movies made of DC products that what were listed in BoxofficeMojo's DC Brand. So I hunted up Comic Book Adaptations and came up with this list:

The Dark Knight$533,345,358 7/18/2008
Batman$251,188,924 6/23/1989
Batman Begins$205,343,774 6/15/2005
Superman Returns$200,081,192 6/28/2006
Batman Forever$184,031,112 6/16/1995
Batman Returns$162,831,698 6/19/1992
Superman$134,218,018 12/15/1978
Superman II$108,185,706 6/19/1981
Watchmen$107,509,799 3/6/2009
Batman and Robin$107,325,195 6/20/1997
Road to Perdition104,454,7627/12/2002
Red$87,991,858 10/15/2010
Constantine$75,976,178 2/18/2005
V for Vendetta$70,511,035 3/17/2006
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen66,465,2047/11/2003
Superman III$59,950,623 6/17/1983
Catwoman$40,202,379 7/23/2004
The Shadow32,063,4357/1/1994
The Losers$23,591,432 4/23/2010
The Spirit19,806,18812/25/2008
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace$15,681,020 7/24/1987
Supergirl$14,296,438 11/21/1984
Jonah Hex$10,547,117 6/18/2010
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm$5,617,391 12/25/1993
Steel$1,710,972 8/15/1997
Return of the Swamp Thing192,8165/19/1989

I added Road to Perdition (it WAS Vertigo, wasn't it?) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Shadow, The Spirit, & Return of the Swamp Thing. There was no data available for the original Swamp Thing in 1982 or the original 1960's Batman.

Then I adjusted them for inflation and got this list:

The Dark Knight$533,345,358
Batman Forever$255,803,246
Superman II$252,072,695
Batman Returns$245,875,864
Batman Begins$217,664,400
Superman Returns$212,086,064
Batman and Robin$142,742,509
Superman III$127,694,827
Road to Perdition$124,301,167
V for Vendetta$74,741,697
The Shadow$45,850,712
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace$29,166,697
The Losers$23,591,432
The Spirit$19,806,188
Jonah Hex$10,547,117
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm$8,257,565
Return of the Swamp Thing$329,715

The biggest jump is Superman up to #2. Let me know if I missed any other DC properties and I'll make the needed adjustments.

Things are crazy around here, so I doubt that I will be posting prior to the New Year. You can catch me on Twitter @MatchingDragoon (like THAT is interesting) and I hope that you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See ya in 2011.


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Dwayne--and to SallyP, too!

Susan said...

Merry Christmas to all Followers of the Dragoon! :)

And for the record, "Road to Perdition" is orignally from Paradox Press, the DC imprint responsible for the lovely and informative "Big Book of.." series.