Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Second Atlantis

 When I'm cruising through the thrift stores grabbing old boardgames, vintage coffee pots, commercial grade vacuum cleaners and such, I also scope out the paperback books. I get these mostly for the old vintage covers and lo and behold I stumble across this beauty from 1965, illustrated by none other than... 


Gray Morrow! Now while I disliked Gray's work on Jonah Hex because it seemed so stiff and the use of zipatone made everything murky, here I really think he has created a great cover.

From the back cover:

   Who would build a great civilization upon a huge crack in the world's surface? The Californians did ... setting up famous cities and myriad homes upon the line of the San Andreas fault ... the Earthquake Zone of North America!
  Someday, inevitably, this area must open up, must create another Atlantis, as the seas sweep in to swallow another mighty land.
  This is the story of how that might happen - the story of THE SECOND ATLANTIS. It is a novel of tomorrow, a prevision of what might come. It is a prophetic novel with an unforgettable impact.

  What a lovely little surprise this was. Coming soon... Jonah Hex V2 #1

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