Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Weekend, what weekend?

Wow, that was one heck of a weekend! Spent two whole days and part of another doing a video shoot for our children's church services. This shoot was on location in Seminole, Oklahoma and west of Cogar, Oklahoma. (Ya get triple points if you know where Seminole is, quintuple points if you have even HEARD of Cogar.) I got to play a Grandpa to a twelve year old girl, teach her to fish, and explain the love of Jesus to her and how the Holy Spirit can help her with life.

I have to admit, hanging around twelve year old girls is something (me being a father to two now-20 something boys) that can wear a fella out. It was lots of fun and I'll post links to any video of it that pops up (I might be posting some next week)

Meanwhile, here is a trailer for an upcoming series that I was also in, called Space Station Alpha.

Well, so far I have played:
  • A fat retired dragon
  • An angel from Brooklyn
  • A grocery store owner
  • An obnoxious street preacher
  • An escaped mental patient
  • A hard nosed space pilot
  • A grandpa
I don't THINK I'm being typecast.. am I?

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