Monday, November 14, 2011

Yeah, posting in November will be light

Why? Well, after having recovered from our SECOND earthquake, I'm now getting ready for the Boardgamegeek convention in Dallas. What's that? Just a nearly week long gathering for players of board games sponsored by Boardgamegeek, the best user built database of boardgames on the whole internet. Attendance tips the 2,000 mark this year.

So while I'm gone, you can enjoy the wonderful episodes of Space Station Alpha! Sadly there is no embedding, so you'll have to go and watch the episodes on the church website:

Episode 1: The Station loses life support.

Episode 2: The crew encounters Adam Zane.

Episode 3: Can the Station save Earth?

Episode 4: (Available Nov 21) The final fate of Space Station Alpha.

These are geared for kids 6-10 yrs old. Hope you enjoy them.

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