Sunday, February 03, 2013

Yeah, well, let's see how long he lasts THIS time!

 MONTHS! It has been MONTHS!

Of course, you knew that. It has been months since I climbed up into the blogger saddle, but it's Groundhog Day (as I write this) so I thought I would celebrate.

As I mentioned quite some time ago, Eldest Son got married and we are enjoying having First Daughter-in-Law. I had some travel for work along with selling about 1000+ board games for a friend. I attended Boardgamegeek.con (yeah, CON) down in Dallas in November and failed to defend my title in the Battling Tops Tournament

Christmas came and went (mucho mucho fun had by all) and January debuted the brand new Matching Dragoon Household Purge! Lovely Wife and I decided that if we didn't handle it or use it (whatever it was) within the last year, then it was probably getting sold/donated/tossed.

This meant that every cupboard, closet, under the bed, shelf, and...gulp....the garage would be emptied, sorted, and then dealt with. Several plastic container tubs later we now have all of our Christmas stuff out of the attic and on shelves in the garage

NOTE: A lot of folks are probably saying "Why don't you just store stuff in the basement?" To that I reply, "You ain't never been to Oklahoma. We ain't got none of them fancy schmancy basement things. Our house are built on concrete slabs.. AND WE LIKE IT!"

Storage in Ok is either in the house, the garage (where is gets hot), or the attic (where it gets REAL HOT)

So, Christmas/Easter/Fall decorations occupy several shelves in the garage. Also, my workbench was near the front of the garage to get light, outside access and such. However, when both cars are in the garage, I couldn't get to my tools. I decided to rearrange, thus catapulting the Purge into an Overhaul.

Well, the Purge is winding down and I am in the Sorting Tools and Various Items phase. Next week we will start on...THE ATTIC!!!!

Also, Lovely Wife has decided to start a blog of her own, learning HTML, and linking and posting and self inflicted deadlines and such. Hers is called Quick and Easy Stamping and it's all about making cards with rubber stamps and creative things like that. Go over, take a look, ooh and ahhh and stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm back and 2013 looks to be an interesting year.

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