Thursday, November 16, 2006

Escort to Hell, Ch Three

Recap from Ch 1: You have started out with Elana with you on your motorcycle. In the desert as night approaches you find a wrecked Hovo.

The dead pilot is still there, remarkably well preserved in the dry air. The wreck, however, is obviously quite old; it is covered with a thick layer of sand.

You don't want to taste too much time here - you've got a lot of distance to cover. However you decide to search it thoroughly.

Amid the wreckage you see a pilot wearing a black zone suit with this symbol on the back.
Night falls & you decide to make camp near the wreckage. The next morning you find your way blocked by mountains except for one pass to the NW. You fire up the bike and you both head through the pass.

Up in the pass you find a cave that could provide shelter for the upcoming cold night. Do you stop early and make camp in the cave or continue on through the pass & make camp in the woods on the other side?
Voting ends Saturday at noon. Results posted Saturday night.

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Ed said...

Time's a-waistin'. I say, press on to the forest.