Thursday, December 21, 2006

Escort to HELL!! Back up & running

I dropped the $5, got the manual & here we are again. There were two votes to follow the slaves, so follow them we shall. Also, things are going to be getting a little tougher since I now know how to RUN this stupid RPG (hopefully I won't have to go back & buy MORE manuals. So, here we go:

They lead the slaves into a clearing. A beefy character pounds some stakes into the ground and fastens the chains to them. The other guards sit around, eating & drinking, while it turns dark.

Do you:
Move on from here?
Try to free them by taking the guards out one by one?
Try to free them by walking in & starting shooting?

Voting will end on 12/26. Results posted on 12/27!!


Brit said...

See, now THIS is what I was talkin' 'bout (Willis)! I knew if we followed them an opportunity would open up to catch them with their guard down. Under cover of darkness, guards weighted down by food and drink, ready to bed down for the night...

I vote take them out one by one. Hopefully all stealthy like, sneaking up and snapping necks like dry twigs.

Thanks for continuing this!

Ed said...

Hmm...I'm a day late, but hey, Brit voted the way I would have. Sneaky-sneaky, snappy-snappy, stabby-stabby!