Saturday, December 23, 2006

The New Origin of Jonah Hex.

Finally got my hands on Jonah Hex #14. Whoa. I really enjoyed the storytelling style in this one. The captions were written as if they were a dime novel from the period. The language just flowed, not unlike the letters that were read during Ken Burns "Civil War" documentary.
This issue dealt with Jonah's father selling him to the Apaches, his saving of the Apache chief, and his betrayal by the chief's son Noh-Tante. There were a few minor changes as compared to Jonah Hex #8 (vol 1) . Jonah isn't traded to the Apaches for a pile of pelts, but is swapped for safe passage for his father. Also, he is not saved from the Kiowa by white Indian-killers, but overcomes the Kiowas alone.
A great issue, I won't ruin the best part, just go buy this and enjoy it.

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