Friday, December 29, 2006

Escort to Hell! Ch. 6

Since both of you decided to sneak up on the guards, we'll have to determine in what order we will attack them. Here is the layout of the camp:

If I have an order of attack by Monday I can post the results on Tuesday. Have fun pardners


Brit said...

I've been off for the holiday, so I'm just now getting back.

I can offer up my vote, although i'm uncertain if i'm giving a complete order of attack, or just which guard to take out first.

First we should go for #3, that seems clear - he's behind a tree and closest to the radio. Don't want him sending some kind of alert. After that I'm not so certain - if #3 doesn't go so well, that pretty much spoils any further plan. So, definitely #3 first - if you need an order past that please let us know.

Brandom said...

3, 1, 4, 5, then 2. As stealthily as possible though. That way the last guard doesn't off the slaves by the time we get to 'em. I say we garrot as many as possible using Hex's bootlaces. Nice and quiet-like.

Ed said...

I'm agreein' with you for the most part. Definitely #3, and then #1. But I suggest we then circle around the side and get #5 before getting #4, and then finish up with #2.

Seems to be, #5 is likely watching both the perimiter and #4. So taking him out first would probably be helpful.

Brandom said...

Good point.