Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Escort to Hell !! Ch 7

Sneaking up slowly behind the guard at the radio, you manage to grab him from behind and bury a knife between his ribs before he can even gurgle. You slowly drag him off into the bushes and lay him down.
Crawling through the grass, you get closer to the guard at the southern end of the line of slaves. One of the slaves happens to catch a glimpse of you, but as you lift a finger to your mouth to indicate that he should be quiet, the guard spins to locate what the slave has seen. Just as he sees you, your knife slams into his throat, keeping him from crying out and killing him as his life gushes from his neck. He falls to his knees and before he can try to pull out the knife, he is dead.
You sneak back into the darkness and head west. There are two guards, one watching the slaves and the other watching the perimieter. You decide to take out the first with a quick throw of your knife but the blood on the blade has made it a little too slippery and your throw is off. Rather than the blade digging into the guard's throat, the handle hits him square between the eyes. His eyes roll up into his head and he falls to the ground unconscious. When his body hits the ground his buddy nearby turns to see what has happened.
You rush forward, dive for the knife and rolling forward you slam the knife into his belly, once, twice. You pull the knife out, wipe it on your pants and throw just in time to bury it deep into the chest of the last guard.
All of the guards are dead or unconscious.

You free the slaves and they cluster around you as if you were the Messiah. An old man. a leader of some sort, comes up to you.
"You are going to Sisco?" You nod. "The western wall is filled with rebels, Look at this sign. It is the sign of those who fight against Alcala.
"If you get caught and have to enter the games, do not play the air joust."
A dark haired woman, beautiful even with her torn clothes and sad smudgy face, approaches you.
"Bless you, Jonah Hex." Before you can ask how she knew your name, she kisses you and presses a plastic card into your hand. "Use this," she whispers, "to enter the computer building." Her eyes indicate that it might not be safe to talk here.

The X on the top left is your current location. Do you head to the East or the West?


Brit said...

Dear lord, what an ass-kicking. I'm not sure if "The western wall is filled with rebels" is a good or a bad thing.

Still, I vote we continue west, eh?

Brandon said...

"If you get caught and have to enter the games, do not play the air joust."

Yeah... That's like telling a kid about the freezer full of ice cream he's not allowed to eat.


Let's go west.