Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics #21

Someone is spoiling things for Spider-Manfrom Electric Company #1

Personally, I want to see MORE villains that destroy ice cream cones by smashing them with large cymbals. Of course, this would have NEVER happened in the DC Universe


SallyP said...

Destroying someone's icecream? Now that's just MEAN!

Eldest said...

I remember reading this and thinking "What a crappy book. There's no point." Wasn't this part of some "after school special" type book where Spidey teamed up with the neighborhood kids or something?

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

The Elctric Company was a PBS show that was supposed to be to reading what Sesame Street was to numbers & letters.

You, according to legend, sprang from the womb with a copy of Lord of the Rings in your hands and started crying be cause we had interrupted your reading with that whole 'head through the brith canal' thing. therefore, you had no need for either Electric Company or the comic book thusly named.

Now get back to work. Me? I'm on my lunch break.

Eldest said...

No, I was crying because I knew that somewhere down the line there would be an awful animated movie of my favorite classic and then it would get shut away for years until a fat bearded man would try to do it justice and epic fail....though eh got an A (and a box of Oscars) for effort.