Friday, May 15, 2009

Hex meets Star Wars RPG

So Dad called me the other day requesting I share a short anecdote on the blog so here it goes.

A few years ago, I got a call from a friend of mine asking if I wanted to come chill with some friends of his and possible play a little Star Wars RPG. They had an ongoing game and had been playing their characters for quite awhile. I immediately asked if I could bring guests and he said yes so we headed south to join the people already playing. During the trip we formulated our characters and it was decided that we would be a gang of bounty hunters. My friend Eric settled on being an Ewok (Google that if you need to) so he would be hard to spot. I went for the typical Han Solo type pilot/mercenary and Dad was basically Jonah Hex.

Eventually we got to the game and started playing. Basically they had set the scenario in a bar where apparently very little was going on. We messed around for about thirty minutes getting the feel of the game and how the group played, then the proverbial "stuff" hit the fan.

I made a comment to Dad about how we should liven things up just as one of the other players was saying that they thought they recognized a man in a corner booth as a wanted criminal. Dad made a recognition role to notice the guy and succeeded. He then proceeded to walk up to the booth with me covering him. He attempted to apprehend the criminal, citing the bounty we had for him. He resisted so Dad, it typical Hex fashion, "incapacitated" him (the bounty was dead or alive). The other person in the booth took offense at this and drew on Dad. Let's just say they were quickly disposed of as well.

Sadly, it turned out that the second player was a diplomat with a secret security force hiding throughout the bar. The untimely demise of said diplomat basically put us in a position of three against everyone else. Dad turned over a table to use as cover while I dived behind the bar and our Ewok friend took up a position under a shadowed table. We then proceeded to shoot it out with the entire bar (again, in typical Hex fashion).

Eventually we won the day due to two deciding factors. The first was the fact that since Eric had put a ridiculous amount of points into his stealth and accuracy traits, he was sniping people's legs out from under them from his hiding place, but no one could see him. The second was Dad lobbing a grenade into a back room after one of the security guys had hidden in it. It turned out that the back room was the store room for all the alcohol in the bar so it lit up like the Fourth of frickin July. After finishing off the remaining players, we strode out of the ruined flaming bar and into the night, dragging our bounty behind...

...and they never invited us back


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SallyP said...

I...I'm SO proud!