Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little more Jonah Hex movie news

I was looking at IMDB recently and there were a few new additions to the cast.

David Jensen - credited as Turnbull's guard. I'm wondering if this person will take the place of Solomon in the movie?

Natacha Itzel - Listed as Jonah's wife. Is this actually going to be Mei Ling? Miss Itzel looks like she could be cast as either Asian or Indian. There isn't much on IMDB about her.

Michael Fassbender - No casting information is listed and I can't really remember him in Band of Brothers. I have heard some rumors about his part, but nothing that I can find confirmation about.

Sean Michael Cunningham - Credited as Young Boy. Dare we even hope that this is Jason Hex?

As this list slowly builds, I'm getting more excited about this movie. I wonder how this film is going to play since a lot of folks don't know of Jonah Hex or that it is going to be a comic book movie. I see it pulling in a lot of western fans and that could be a very good thing for the book itself.

Anyway, it's only 14 months until Aug 2010.

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