Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jonah Hex movie news: Poster revealed

Comic con, that wonderful place where all the teasers/pleasers are released. And of course, the teaser poster for Jonah Hex is no exception:

Shamelessly stolen from Big Shiny Robot.

My opinion of this is mixed. Looking at this from a noncomic viewpoint, I want to know what is wrong with his face, how does the girl tie in, is this an old western or a current one?

From a comic viewpoint I want to smash my face on the desk because Megan Fox seems to be the central focus on this poster (but that IS what sells tickets, isn't it?) . The heavy use of blue carries overtones of night as well as supernatural elements. It also makes me wonder if folks will realize that this is a 1800's western? I'm also mixed about the lettering. And is that a knife or a pair of scissors in Ms. Fox's hand? I'm also thinking her waist has been photoshopped to the point of pain.

But at least we are getting a peek. Still waiting for August 2010.


Kandou Erik said...

Oh, that looks great. I hope the movies goes off well. Hex is DC's best non-super hero property, and I hope the movie can stand on it's own for movie goers and fans alike.

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SallyP said...

I'm not really sure why she's in the poster at all.

I wanna look at Jonah, dammit!