Saturday, July 04, 2009

Signage Saturday - Beverly's

"Dwayne," I hear folks say, "we KNOW that you're dangerously obsessed with the scar-faced bounty hunter, but what do you do when you're NOT trying to construct a workable timeline for Hex?"

Well, one thing I like to do is take photographs of old signs, specifically, neon signs. Something about the old neon glow that is just magic to me. Also, so many of the signs have such a distinctive feel and style to them that you really don't get to see much of anymore.


This is the sign for Beverly's Pancake Corner, formerly on the corner of NW Expressway and Penn in Oklahoma City. Sadly, this sign went away a few years ago and I have been unable to locate any info on where it might be stored.

Here is a closeup of the chicken on the top of the sign



SallyP said...

I would SO much like to eat there.

Steve said...

Let me know when you find the sign, and you put it up in your front yard! Nice having burgers with you and your wife tonight!

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Lovely Wife would KILL me if that went up in the front yard. Back yard, maybe, front