Sunday, August 23, 2009

Out of town, but...

Yup, I'm out of town on business this coming week, so no Jonah Hex #84. I do have a few regular features loaded & ready to go. In the meantime, did anyone else read the latest Superman/Batman? It seems that this book really hits some high points on my list of pleasure reading. The entire book is placed outside of the main continuity that is currently racking the DCU and I like it. That is how World's Finest was for it's entire run.

What is even better is that this last issue of Superman/Batman gave us a nice little hat-tip/explanation for all that weird World's Finest Haney-crazy that filled the books. It seems like every last issue was a computer simulation that Batman has been running on the computer in the Bat-cave. Yup! True! Look at the last page of the current issue and you'll see references to the Super-Sons (Gotta post some of THAT craziness soon!) and even Batman Beyond. A great story and a fantastic done-in-one.

Loved it!

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