Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salesmen of Yesterday!! Chipper Luschenat

"Good Lord, Martha!! It's that horrible Luschenat brat trying to sell us some more of that crap of his!"

"Don't answer the door, George! Remember how he tried to sell us that Mammal-flavored Jelly of the Month Club?"

"Urrf. Don't remind me. Or how about those tickets to the Of Mice and Men opera? "

"How about the time he was peddling New Coke?"

"That wasn't nearly as bad as when he was selling the Sham-Wow?"

"But you have to admit, he's not nearly as bad as that Gore kid that continually keeps trying to get us to buy into that whole 'carbon-offset' crapola"

"Well, he did have a good slide show to go with it."


".......I like slide-shows"


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Don't drink the water in New Jersey.

Sea-of-Green said...



SallyP said...

Hey, my first boyfriend's name was Chipper! Of course, I was five at the time.

You have to give the kid points for being persistant at least.

tjr mcdowell said...

Where is Chipper these days and what is he peddling? Wonder if he's still selling American seeds? He was probably shot to death by the same guy who killed Alfalfa.