Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back again, from gaming

Whew! Made it back from Boardgamegeek convention and that was a heck of a time. 4 days, 950 people and 2450 boardgames. I think I played more games this year than I ever had and I only played 4 games on Saturday.

There were tons (literally) of new games there and I normally don't grab the newest shiniest thing but I did pick up Tobago, 2-4 players, where players are building atreasure map and racing across the island to be the first to dig it up. It's a well planned game that will have a lot of replayability.

Pandemic, On the Brink is an expansion for Pandemic and it adds more rolls for the players, an extra virus and even a bio-terrorist. The best thing is that it has 4 scenarios so you can mix/match new parts as you like. It's a pretty good bang for the buck.

The Adventurers had a good idea, put all the Indiana Jones movies into a box and it worked well for the first play. You're trying to get past the crushing walls, outrun the huge boulder, jump across the lava, swim the river, make it across the crumbling bridge and grab all the treasure you can. But on a second play I realized that I really wanted some way to impact the other players and it just wasn't there.

There were lots of other things that I played and I may talk about those later. Will get back into Jonah Hex before Thanksgiving, then we roll into Lovely Wife's birthday and spiral into Christmas. It's gonna be a wild month around here.