Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Whew and hmmm with a little bit of arrrgh

Got through Thanksgiving as well as 8 in-laws in our house for my wife's big birthday. Now things should start getting back to normal

Via the Jonah Hex Corral, I found this tidbit on some casting calls (?) for Jonah Hex. Slashfilm states that there is some rewrite/additions going on.

Two weeks of reshoots and/or additional shooting will take place for Jonah Hex at the beginning of the year, and a set of casting call notes has gone out describing the characters involved. There are a few significant ones: Jeb Turnbull, son of John Malkovich’s primary villain, and Cassie. .... Casting these characters implies that a couple of sequences will be shot that are flashbacks to Hex’s past.

Cassie is mentioned but not seen in earlier drafts of the script. One draft I read had an extensive flashback featuring Jeb Turnbull, with a couple of big scenes, so the quick either/or supposition is that either that sequence wasn’t shot, or was extensively changed at the time and is now being reworked again. The former seems more likely. President Andrew Johnson is also being cast. That flashback was set in 1862, too early for him to be President (he took office in 1865) so there could be more than just the flashback to shoot. Also, I’m not sure how many drafts of Hex exist after the one I read, so don’t think any of this is set in stone.

Not sure how to take this news, could be good, could be bad. More backstory can be a good thing but it depends on what is in the history. I like the addition of Jeb, but I fear for the addition of Cassie, for a couple of reasons which brings me to...


From SpoilerTV.

[CASSIE] - wife of 'Jonah Hex' (Josh Brolin). Native American. Pretty, young, sexy.

[TRAVIS] - age 9 (to play younger)... Must be a match to Josh Brolin and Native American 'Cassie'.

[JEB TURNBULL] - son of 'Quentin Turnbull' (John Malkovich). 30 - 35. Skinny, southern accent. Needs one or two days for prosthetics.

[PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON] - 50-60. Look alike, if possible.

[ADVISOR] - to President Johnson. Younger, 1870's version of a "West Wing" character.

[DEAD GUY] - late 20s/30s. Scary looking.. May need a day for prosthetics/possible make-up.


Sleestak said...

A 'travisty' of cinema I think

SallyP said...

The possibility of the rotting corpse of Mei Ling has me ALL excited!

Phreddie said...

I'm jes' sayin' If the script I read is the Script they's making,we're all gonna be unhappy

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Phreddie, any chance of getting a copy of what you read? You can find my email in the right gutter.

Anonymous said...

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