Thursday, June 16, 2011

52 ! Pick them up!

Other folks have been conjecturing what their 52 1st issues would have been if THEY had owned DC. Well, if DC stood for Dwayne Comics, here is how you guys would be spending all your cash in the coming months:

52. The Adventures of Brian Regan
51. Ultra, The Multi-Alien
50. Challengers of the Status Quo
49. The Legion of Substitute Super-Pets
48. Warlord
47. 'Mazing Man
46. Showcase
45. Jug & Demons (a retro 90's book by Leifield)
44. Chemo
43. George Perez Draws Whatever He Wants
42. Love, Twue Love Comics
41. Sugar & Spike
40. Phantom Stranger
39. Amanda Waller's Can of Whoop-Ass
38. Backup Comics (featuring El Diablo, Tommy Tomorrow, Ace the Bat Hound, every old backup feature)
37. JLA Regender (because you know everyone wants it)
36. Jimmy Olsen's Tag Team (an Olsen based B&B)
35. Roy Raymond, Internet Detective
34. Mr. Miracle
33. Gotham City Planning Commission
32. Weird War Tales
31. The Creeper
30. Firestorm
29. Lobo, starring Ambush Bug
28. House of Secret Mysteries
27. Batman Family
26. Suicide Squad
25. Our Army @ War
24. Secret Six
23. Blackhawk (the original)
22. Metal Men
21. Birds of Prey
20. Mr. District Attorney
19. Justice League, OKC
18. Lois Lane, Tot Reporter (Her adventures as a child)
17. Shazam Family
16. Green Lantern Butts Forever!
15. Apes!
14. Scalphunter
13. Swamp Thing
12. JLA, Rubber (Elongated Man, Plastic Man, ELastic Lad, Madame Rouge, Rita Farr, Bouncing Boy)
11. Flash (I don't care who it is, I won't read it)
10. Metamorpho
9. GangBusters!
8. Sherlock Holmes, Time Wizard
7. Batman
6. Wonder Woman
5. JLA, Furry (With Fox & Crow, Stanley & his Monster, and other funny-book heros. Wait, did I just invent Captain Carrot?)
4. Detective Comics (The last panel ends with "The killer is obviously...." and the reveal is next issue)
3. Superman
2. All-Star Western (really Jonah Hex all by himself)
1. Action & Equal but Opposite Reaction Comics

1 comment:

SallyP said...

These are...magnificent. And by the time I got to JLA: Rubber, I was in stitches.

And you can never have too much of Jonah Hex. Or Green Lanterns and their butts.