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Jonah Hex #7 Vol.1 "Son of the Apache"

Jonah Hex #7 Dec. 1977
"Son of the Apache"
Michael Fleisher, story- Ernie Chan & Noly Panaligan, art, Ernie Chan (Chua), cover

Since Jonah Hex #13 (vol2) is 'retelling' the origin of Jonah Hex, I thought I would present the first pre Superboy Prime Super Punch Retcon version (or as I like to call it "fpSPSPRv"). But first a little back story. In Jonah Hex #2, Jonah is framed for a murder and is then considered a wanted man. Other events between 2 and 6 indicate that this story takes place after WWT #30 and would place this either in 1875 or after (I will have to do more extensive research concerning time of year inidcators in those stories to see if it happens AFTER 1875).

The story opens in Hennessy, Texas with a cowboy starting to manhandle a saloon girl. At a nearby table, a gentleman in a fine suit stands and asks his table mate to excuse him. The other man refers to the gentleman as "your lordship." The gentleman interveens on behalf of the saloon girl, but teh cowboy turns and punches the man. As the man picks himself up, he tells the cowboy that he accepts the challenge to the duel. The friend of the gentleman produces a case with two sabers. When the cowboy starts to draw his pistol, the gentleman spins arouns and knocks the gun from the cowboy's hand. The cowboy takes the offered saber and the duel starts in the saloon.

The cowboy is quickly disarmed and the gentleman says that he will show compassion & not kill the cowboy. As the man turns to leave, the cowboy grabs at a gun on the bar. The gentleman sees him in a mirror and turns, throwing the sabre through the cowboy's heart.

The sheriff storms in, demanding to know what is going on. the gentleman introduces himself as Count Henri D'Aubergnon, recently from France, here in the States to hunt the most dangerous of game, man, and the most dangerous man, Jonah Hex, a wanted outlaw.

Meanwhile, on the far outskirts of town, Jonah is talking to an elderly man, Mr. Vanden, who has hired Jonah to rescue his daughter that was kidnapped by the Apaches. Vanden asks how well does Hex know the Apaches, but Jonah doesn't answer & rides off to find the young lady.

We are treatd to a flashback stating it starts "more than twenty years, to a fateful day in July, 1851. Jonah Hex was then thirteen years old." Jonah is loading a wagon with moonshine as his father sits under a tree drinking. His father, Woodson (we learn his name at another time), is an obvious alcoholic, slaps Jonah and beats him with a belt. Once the wagon is loaded and they are on their way, Woodson explains that he is gonna trade the moonshine for a few squaws and a grubstake for the California gold rush. (Ginny, Jonah's mom, left her husband just over three years prior in 1848).

At the Apache camp, the Indians give Woodson a stack of pelts in trade for the moonshine and another stack of pelts in exchange for Jonah. Jonah is flabbergasted and starts crying as his dad gets on the wagon to leave. Woodson tells Jonah that he would be better off with the Indians instead of a drunken lush like his old man. Jonah fights off two Indians holding him back and runs to his dad who slaps him down and tosses off a slim promise of coming back to get Jonah once a fortune has been made. Jonah turns to fight off the Indians but is subdued and spends the next two years as their slave.

Then one day (1853) as the chief is at a river, a large puma attacks the aging chief. A nearby brave is unable to shoot the puma for fear of hitting the chief when suddenly, Jonah leaps forward with a knife and kills the puma on the spot. The chief is so grateful that he declares that Jonah Hex is now considered a brother to the chief's son and is due all honor of a true Apache. Jonah learns to ride, hunt and fight better than anyone, even the chief's son, Noh-Tante. White Fawn, a lovely girl, even takes a liking to him. Noh-Tante cannot hide his hatred & jealousy.

Later, (A YEAR later, we learn in issue #8. 1854) when both boys turn 16, they are sent on a mission to steal the finest horses from some nearby Kiowas. That night, as Jonah & Noh-Tante sneak into the camp, Jonah kills a Kiowa guard/. Noh-Tante releases all of the ponies and then shouts a war cry to alert the Kiowas. He kicks Jonah into a rock, knocking him out & leaves him for the Kiowas. back at the Apache camp, Noh-Tante tells the chief that he saw Jonah killed by the Kiowa.

Back at the Kiowa camp, Jonah awakens to find himself surrounded by Kiowas. TO BE CONTINUED!!

Statistics for this issue:
Men killed by Jonah: 1 Kiowa and one puma

Running Total - 134
Jonah's injuries: Slapped & beaten by his dad, struck on the head twice and knocked out.
Timeline: The opener is post 1875 (or post death of Turnbull in WWT #30) and the flashback takes place in 1851, 1853, and ends in 1854. This was one of the few times that we got to see Jonah's dad and he really is a filthy drunken sob. There isn't a lot of characterization on Jonah's part, we just are privvy to see the terrible childhood he had and the hardships he had to face. The five-page opening with the Count seems like a waste of space, but it does tie in with the previous issues and provides a nice framework for the flashback (the best part coming in issue #8). The cover does cause one to wonder if Hex's scar was caused by the puma attack, but no, we find out what happened next issue.

Next Issue: A rigged tomahawk fight, the Mark of the Demon, and (believe it or not) a two-headed coin.

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Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics #16

There is a lot of love out there for Nancy & Sluggo, but cool as they are, I was always a Little Lulu & Tubby fan. Of the few comics I have, this frame of Tubby and Alvin sums up the Lulu gang pretty well.and who among us, wouldn't think a solid gold head would be pretty cool? But of course, I couldn't even try to improve on that, could I? Could I?

And, my gift to you...

Brandon is obviously working some issues, probably related to his older sister, a stack of vintage Wonder Woman comics and a rusty cheese grater.

Sinro, raised by meer-cats in the northern suburbs of Fargo, is very streetwise

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Schedule change

I know that I said that I would be reviewing Weird Western Tales #35 next, but with the ongoing telling of the origin of Jonah Hex in the new series, I will instead present Jonah Hex #7 & #8, detailing the original origin by Micheal Fleisher.

Weird Western #35 will see the light of blog in a few weeks.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A lot of comic bloggers post appropriate panels from their favorite books on holidays (ie everyone posted a scary picture on Halloween). Running a Jonah Hex blog makes it a little bit harder, ok, a LOT harder. I missed the Halloween post (there is next year) amd I'm ready for Christmas but I had to really think before I could come up with Thanksgiving, so here goes.

From the lovely Future That is Yet to Come, Thanksgiving 2050. Yup, 2050, the home of super-good cookin'. Grab a chunk of that .... red.....meat & dig in.

And be sure to listen to the guidance of our lovely hostess, Stiletta, don't snear at what's put in front of you.

Anyone for seconds?? There's plenty.

I'm sure this is somewhere in Brigham Young's nightmare closet.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Escort to Hell, Chapter Four

Since there was no interest in exploring the cave, you continue on through the pass and down into some woods where you are getting ready to bed down for the night.

You hear the sound of a whip cracking. Crouching down, you peer through the trees.

You see a long line of people in chains... men, women, and children guarded by 5 men with laser rifles. You remember such scenes from your world from before the war.

"Slaves," Elena says.

Do you:
Ignore them?
Follow them?
Try to free them?

Find out Sunday!!

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Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics #15

Deep, deep into the darkest regions of Africa we travel this week for our Weekly Wonder. Congo Bill, backup feature in Action Comics back in the 50s, has just witnessed the launch of a spaceship carrying three animals. The spaceship lands and amazingly enough, all three animals have superpowers. What were the animals? Well, the ram could suddenly butt through anything, the lion could fly, and the hippo?

Yeah, the hippo can shoot flames out it's mouth as well as run fast enough to get speedlines!! Look at those cold soulless eyes, that lumbering gate, those fangs?!?!?!? That is one Bad@$$ Hippo! How do I know?
He just melted a friggin' jeep! "What'll happen if the hippo enters the village?" Good question, Einstein. Any normal person would thing that a flame-throwin hippo in a village made entirely out of dry grass would be cause for alarm, but I think in this situation we just might be able to get away with having him melt up some fondue and heat up a few 'smores.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Weird Western Tales #34 "Death of a Bounty Hunter"

Weird Western Tales #34 May-June 1976
"Death of a Bounty Hunter"
Michael Fleisher, story - George Moliterni, art - Luis Domiguez, cover

We're back to the gritty art of Moliterni this issue and it starts with three men sitting around a campfire talking about how much fun it was to see Jonah Hex hanged. As they laugh & talk there is a loud SNAP and then Jonah steps out of the shadows with a broken noose around his neck, with the campfire flaring up dramatically. Jonah tells the three men to drop their guns when he is suddenly hit from behind and knocked out.

Four men walk up. They are bounty hunters, headed by Jason Leech, and they shoot the original three men and then take the bodies back to town for the $3,000 reward the next morning. As they collect, Jonah shows up & demands that the money is his. A fight is about to break out between the two men when the sherrif walks in with a wanted poster for Dutch Rafferty for $5,000. Jonah takes the poster and again threatens Leech. Leech decides to split the money with Jonah to save his own skin.

Later, Jonah is outside the livery and has a pack-mule with supplies and several dozen canteens. He is approached by Oswald Hotchkiss of the New York company of Smart & Smathers Publishing. Hotchkiss wants to follow Jonah and pen a dime novel about his exploits. Jonah's not interested until Hotchkiss mentions $1,000 that he is willing to pay.

All during the trip, Hotchkiss is quizzing Jonah on his tactics & his plans. Finally, Jonah follows Dutch and a cohort across the desert and into a narrow canyon. Hotchkiss asks if Jonah is going to blast them out with dynamite, but Jonah's plan involves using Hotchkiss as bait. He has Hotchkiss ride alone into the canyon.

Once in the canyon, Hotchkiss is spotted by Dutch & friend. They run down & grab Hotchkiss's horse before he can ride off & they demand he dismount. Hotchkiss hollers to Hex for help and Hex gut-shoots Dutch's friend as he draws on Hex. Dutch surrenders on the spot. Jonah ties up both criminals and waits for night to fall so that Leech and his bunch can't ambush them.

Hours later under cover of night, Hotchkiss begs for a break and Jonah relents. Jonah tells Hotchkiss to help Dutch off his horse & to get the bedrolls out. They learn that the gut-shot outlaw is dead and Jonah drags him him off to bury him so that the buzzards don't give away their position come sunrise. While Jonah is burying him, he tosses in a canteen about 3/4 full & buries that as well.

When Jonah gets back to the camp, he learns that Hotchkiss has built a fire to make some coffee. In anger Jonah stomps it out explaining that a fire could be seen for miles. Later in the night, Hex wakes up to find Hotchkiss gone. He spies a glow coming from over a ridge and when he tops it he find Hotchkiss building a huge bonfire to signal Leech. Hex beats the living crap out of Hotchkiss, including a "kick to the head", when suddenly Leech & the gang stop him.

Hotchkiss is relieved to see Leech save him, but Leech shoots Hotchkiss dead. Leech also shoots Dutch and kills him. Leech loads up Dutch's body and takes the mule full of canteens, since all of their canteens are almost dry. They decide to leave Hex in the desert to die. Once they are gone, Jonah digs up the canteen he buried with the body and then crawls into his bedroll since there "ain't no hurry."

The next afternoon, Leech's gang dismount and start to drink from the canteens on the mule only to find all the canteens contain sand. Hex has tricked them and they are all going to die of thirst because of it. One of the men still has half a canteen, but Leech guns him down and then shoots the other two men in his gang. The gunfire scares the horses and they run off, dumping Dutch's body in the sand. Leech starts dragging Dutch's body back to town, but a sandstorm comes up and since Leech has nothing to use to cut off Dutch's head, he has to drag the whole corpse (and in Dutch's case, that is sizeable). Leech continues through the storm, eventually tying a rope around Dutch and the around his own waist. he is now forced to crawl, his water gone & his strength fading.

Night falls, and eventually Jonah Hex arrives to find Leech surrounded by sand & gasping for water. Hex asks where Dutch is. Leech gasps for water. Jonah tells him that for the location of Dutch, he'll get some water. Leech raises up, looks behind him and says "H-He's... He's...." and then dies.

Jonah notes that with all the sand that has been kicked up, there is no way he could backtrack Leech's trail & find Dutch, so in disgust he rides off, never seeing that Dutch is buried in the sand dune behind Leech.

Statistics for this issue
Men killed by Jonah - For all the bloodshed, 1, Dutch's friend
Running Total - 91
Jonah's Injuries - Knocked out, again.
Timeline - Nothing in the story to place this anywhere in the timeline.

This is one of the better stories but sadly the coloring really hurt the book. The blue seems to have run amock on some pages and the rest of the coloring was just big blobs of color obscuring Moliterni's great line work. I'm not sure if this one was in the recent Showcase, but I'm sure that it was much better in B&W than here.

Next Week: Hangin's, cross-dressin' and ice cold beer. Just your normal prelude to Thanksgiving.

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Eat Fresh

Kevin asked for it, so I had to do it.

Pitchman-A-Go-Go #14

When I was a kid I always wanted my head to pop off like the kid putting the model together. I loved the Rat Fink style art because it was so outlandish.

Sadly, I never bought any of these models.

Escort to Hell, Ch Three

Recap from Ch 1: You have started out with Elana with you on your motorcycle. In the desert as night approaches you find a wrecked Hovo.

The dead pilot is still there, remarkably well preserved in the dry air. The wreck, however, is obviously quite old; it is covered with a thick layer of sand.

You don't want to taste too much time here - you've got a lot of distance to cover. However you decide to search it thoroughly.

Amid the wreckage you see a pilot wearing a black zone suit with this symbol on the back.
Night falls & you decide to make camp near the wreckage. The next morning you find your way blocked by mountains except for one pass to the NW. You fire up the bike and you both head through the pass.

Up in the pass you find a cave that could provide shelter for the upcoming cold night. Do you stop early and make camp in the cave or continue on through the pass & make camp in the woods on the other side?
Voting ends Saturday at noon. Results posted Saturday night.

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Escort to Hell, Chapter two

Recap from Ch 1: You have decided to head west into the mountains. In the desert you can only travel about 30 miles (3 hexes) a day.

You see a wreck in the distance; one of those flying crafts called hovos. This one's small; it's big enough for maybe one or two people.
Do you examine it or keep moving?
Voting ends Thursday at noon. Results posted Thursday night.

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Another vacation?!?!

Yup, I'll be out of the saddle for the rest of the week. We'll be missing Pitchman-A-Go-Go & Weekly Wonderous Moment in Comics but the HEX RPG will be back late Monday & Weird Western #34 on Tuesday. Until then, visit the blogs on the right, they are probably better than mine most of the time (But they have a lot less Jonah Hex)

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Weird Western Tales #33 "Day of the Tomahawk"

Weird Western Tales #33 Mar-Apr 1976
"Day of the Tomahawk"
Michael Fleisher, story - Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, art - Joe Kubert, cover

For starters, we get a Joe Kubert cover, the first of half a dozen that Joe did for WWT & Jonah Hex. Inside, the tale starts with where we left off, with Jonah being held at knifepoint. There is a quick recap and Jonah is tied to a large log. Jonah asks Bigfoot when did brave Paiutes start kidnapping women. Bigfoot explains that Haynes has been lacing the watering holes with strychnine to drive the Indians from their land. Bigfoot plans to use the ransom money to get guns and ammo to start a war against the whites. Jonah tells Bigfoot not to do it because he will do nothing but lose that war. Bigfoot then Indian Pimpslaps Jonah. For a warrior, Bigfoot is really into slapping people around.

The next morning, Bigfoot instructs his men to tie Jonah to the nearest mound of flesh-eating ants. Jonah, not wanting to wait until he is taken to South America to die, decides to goad Bigfoot some more by calling him a mighty kidnapper of women. Bigfoot says that if Jonah wants to fight like a warrior, he will die like a warrior. Jonah accepts, figuring that anything is better than the anthill.

Each man is given a tomahawk and a 12 foot rope is tied to their right ankle, joining them together. Bigfoot demonstrates that by snapping his right leg, he can pull Jonah off balance to gain the advantage. The fight starts with Jonah unsuccessfully trying to pull Bigfoot over. Bigfoot counters by yanking Jonah over but Jonah rolls away. While Bigfoot taunts him, Jonah jerks Bigfoot's leg out from under him and throws his tomahawk. Bigfoot rolls to the side, grabs the rope with his hand (a violation of the rules?), toppling Jonah and then readies to bury his tomahawk into Jonah's head. Only the shout of one of the Indians stops Bigfoot. The Indian shows that Jonah's tomahawk hit a rattlesnake that was about to strike, Jonah saved Bigfoot's life.

Jonah explains that he would get $5,000 for bringing Bigfoot in alive, he couldn't let the snake kill him. Jonah takes Debbie & gets on his horse. Bigfoot warns that his debt to Jonah is now paid & if he sees Jonah again, Jonah will die.

Jonah returns Debbie to Haynes and when Haynes inquires about Bigfoot, Debbie tells how Jonah saved the Indian's life. Jonah questions Haynes about the poison and he denies it. Jonah then rides off to bring Bigfoot in alive. Haynes sends some of his men to follow Jonah and when Jonah leads them to Bigfoot, kill Jonah & bring the Indian in alive. Then he'll let the men divvy up what he was going to pay Hex.

For three days and nights, Haynes men follow Jonah. On the fourth day, Jonah is looking down into a valley containing a cave. Haynes men ride up and threaten to kill Jonah, but he explains that they would never be able to get Bigfoot out of that cave. Jonah says that he might be able to talk Bigfoot into surrendering. Haynes men agree to the plan and let Jonah walk down to the cave, waving a white handkerchief. But they are planning on using some dynamite to kill Hex and Bigfoot both.

Hex makes it to the cave and Bigfoot comes out, threatening him. Jonah tries to explain the situation to him, how Haynes men are wanting to kill them all, but Bigfoot thinks it is a trick. Bigfoot posts his men as guards at the mouth of the cave and he and Jonah go deeper inside to talk. By this time, Haynes goons have gotten the dynamite ready and they light it and toss it in front of the cave. The explosion kills Bigfoot's men and seals the cave closed.

Inside, Bigfoot shows Jonah a back way out and they use it to sneak up behind Haynes men. Two of them draw on Jonah and Bigfoot but Jonah finishes them off. The other men quickly confess to poisoning the water holes at Haynes direction. Jonah ties them all up and then tries to take Bigfoot's rifle in order to take him back for kidnapping Hayne's daughter.Bigfoot quickly knees Jonah in the gut & takes off running. Jonah grabs his pistol and fires several times, missing Bigfoot every time. In the last panel, two of Hayne's men, being led back to town by Hex, consider the possibility that Jonah let Bigfoot escape on purpose.

Statistics for this issue
Men killed by Jonah - 2
Running Total - 92
Jonah's Injuries - slapped twice & kneed in the gut
Timeline - Not a lot to go one here. Just a general Jonah Hex story.

This is a great multi-part Jonah Hex story, mostly because of the Lopez art. Sure seeing Jonah fight a bear and the tomahawk battle were great, but it was the Lopez art that keeps me flipping through the book again & again. I'd like to scan the whole thing and post all of it, but I have a life & it doesn't cost much to get a copy on ebay. The story had enough twists to warrant two issues even though the multipage recap ate up a lot of space.

And finally, because I completely forgot about Beefcake/Cheesecake week, I offer this: Beefcake & Cheesecake together.Next Week: A Dime Novelist, a competing bounty hunter, a noose for Jonah, and the Death of a Bounty Hunter!

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Escort to Hell, chapter one.

Ok, Let's all play the HEX RPG. Here is how it'll work, I'll post a section from the RPG, give you the choices and whichever choice gets the most votes is the winning choice. Ready? Here we go:

You stir, awakening out in the open. You are alone, away from the people and the craziness of this new world. Your body is already dripping from this heat inside an outfit called a Zone Suit. You know how important the suit is. You've seen what the acid rain can do to a body; a man without protection from the rain can be reduced to a skeleton in seconds.

This may be a brand new world for you, Jonah Hex, but nobody ever accused you of being a slow learner. Even after you were transported from your own time of the 19th century Old West to become part of Reinhold Borsten's "warrior collection" and escaped, you have evaded every kind of hostile element this world has to offer you.

You then hear a quiet voice behind you.

"It's him."

Without thinking, you reach for your gun, feeling foolish when you notice that it's gone.
Then there's another voice; small, sweet.....

"Don't be afraid. We need you."

You shield your eyes from the newly risen sun. You can just make out the face of a girl not more than sixteen.

Stepping closer to you, she says, "Will you help us?"

Dangerous word, that word 'help' ...You realize that already this day's off to a bad start.

Back at a huge canvas tent, the girl tells her story while you sip some bitter coffee. She tells of someone named Alcala, a ruler of a fortified city to the north called Sisco. Once one of the last places where gasoline and water could be freely bartered, the city has turned into a haven for the renegades and murderers that prey on nomad tribes such as this one.

Then there are stories told by the stragglers who've left the city ... of humans hunted down like dogs for sport or people sold into slavery for work, pleasure, or other more barbaric pursuits. Already rich in Soames and water, Alcala has his special soldiers raid anyone suspected of having water, fuel or food.

You look at the girl and ask, "Whut do ya want with me?"

A short bald man with burn marks on his face sits down next to you.

"Excuse me. My name is Edgar. I was, er ... you may not know the word ... A teacher. These good people have asked me to lead them. We live, as you see, very poorly. Our only hope is in our young people, like Princess Elena." He looks at the girl.

"Princess?" you ask.

"Oh, yes. You see, Elena is the daughter of Lord Alcala. She may be the only one who can stop him from his reign of bloody madness. Quite simply, she's our only hope."

"Whut 'bout me?"

"Why, er, we hope that you will take her to Sisco to her father. There are people surrounding Alcala who would stop at nothing to kill his only child. If you can get her to him she can plead for mercy for those like us who hide in the Wasteland. We want you to be her escort."

Edgar reaches down and pulls out your Smith & Wesson from his boot. He places it on the wooden table aling with your bowie knife and your lariat saying, "I'm sorry we don't have any weapons to offer you other than your own. We do have one item, however, that will help you get there faster." Just then, another man brings in a large cycle. "You know how to ride?"

You nod, "Yeah."

"We picked you," Elana says. "Other nomads spkoe of someone powerful, strong, brutal..."

"Brutal?" you ask.

"Yes, but good." She stops and looks at your disfigured face without any sign of shock. "You will do it, won't you?"

"Tell me jus' whut ah'm gettin' muhself into," you say quietly, your curiosity aroused.

The nomads look at each other as Edgar starts talking.

"Sisco is due north about 200 miles from here. It sits on a bay near a destroyed bridge. There really isn't much left of it. The outskirts of the new city are the ruins of an old city, and, from all reports, it's dangerous. Muties and attack droids prowl the whole area."

"Jes' whut are muties?" you ask.

"Mutants. No telling what kind of strange human specimans you'll meet. The inner city is surrounded by a 30-foot wall. It's guarded by Alcala's personal army, as well as a host of electronic booby traps. Once inside, what you find depends on who you've spoken to and maybe who they know. The arean games take place every night, while all kinds of sick behavior fills the narrow streets. Alcala's home is undoubtedly heavily guarded.

"Oh, yes. There's a road north of here that leads to Sisco but there are repots of Alcala's soldiers as well as roving muties and the Road Reapers. To the northeast is the desert. It is a slower, perhaps safer way, if you steer clear of the occasional giant sand worm. The mountains lie due west. Get across them, and you can head north to the city. Whatever route you take, don't forget to keep your ears cocked for any information about Sisco. The towns may have information or some weapons should you need any. There are lakes ahead; contaminated, of course. We can give you some drinking water that has already been treated, some food (enough for 10 days), and 35 Soames to take along."

Just as you stand up, Elana grabs your hand, her tiny fingers pressing your rough skin.

"Will you take me?" she asks.

Where you come from a lady doesn't have to ask twice. You nod in agreement, all the while calling yourself a fool, 'cause only a fool would be an escort to hell.

You walk over to the cycle and Elana follows you.

"You know how to ride this?" she asks tentatively.

"Sure," you mutter, not quite willing to admit that you're still not over the funny feeling you get in your gut when you hear a motor roar to life.

You get on and Elana sits behind you, holding tight.

There are three ways you can go, as Edgar explained. North to the road, northeast across the desert, and west to search for a pass across the mountains to the forests leading north.

"Well, let's say we git goin'." You sit on the motorcycle and press the electronic ignition, kicking up a small dust cloud as the nomands watch you leave.

Which way do you go; North, northeast, or west? You are starting at the X

11/06/2006 :
We have one vote for West. Voting will be closed on Friday and the next installment will be on Monday.

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Jonah Hex RPG: Escort to Hell

I happened to see this little goodie in a used book store a few months ago. I went back today & they had it. Here, from 1986, is the Jonah Hex solo player RPG from Mayfair games. As soon as I can figure out how to play it on this blog I'll start posting parts of it & we'll see how you guys do. It shouldn't be too hard, it's kinda like a Choose-your-own-adventure.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jonah Hex vs Jim Rockford

For folks that think I'm obsessed with Jonah Hex, at least I'm obsessed with something somewhat useful and I'm not live blogging the dang comics. Seth is just getting started, so get over there & give him some support.

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Pitchman-A-Go-Go #12

Who wouldn't want their very own Davy Crockett tent? And for only a buck? My favorite selling point is that it will stand up to your "kiddies viscious attacks".

From Casper, 1956