Monday, September 01, 2014

End of an era

Well, what can one say about All Star Western #34 that folks haven't already said? I commented elsewhere online that is was like eating the perfect amount of food from a perfect meal. I left the story feeling satisfied and wonderfully pleased. All of the little nods in the artwork to the folks that worked on this book, both past and present, showed a level of honor that Palmiotti and Gray have always displayed to the hard work of the folks that came before them on Jonah Hex.

If there is a complaint that I had about the issue is that the preview that was released online gave away too much of the story, so much in fact, that I was able to dope out pretty much what was going to happen regarding who was really the stuffed/mounted Jonah Hex and what was going to be the final verdict on if Jonah would once again be scarred. It's my fault, really, for reading a preview, and I sabotaged my own enjoyment for this story.

Of course, this story does bring up other questions. What about Tall Bird? Did she ever exist? Even though we didn't get to see much of her, I can't see her hanging around the likes of our substitute Hex. Of course, legends and tall tales being what they are, we could chalk her up to the twisted tale that someone once misremembered from long ago. (Of course, all of this is really just comics books, so I'm probably getting too wrapped up in it all.)

Does Jonah ever get disfigured again? What happens to Tallulah? What was the horrible thing that happened to Mei Ling? What stories did Justin and Jimmy have in store that we will never see? Why, oh why, could we not get ONE Jonah Hex story done by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez? Was the name of the Museum guide really Dwayne? What will happen in 2024 when DC once again puts Jonah in his own book?

Until such time, I'll keep plugging away on this blog, revisiting the rest of Jonah Hex V2 and All Start Western V2 and anywhere else that I discover the scarfaced, or not so scarfaced, bounty hunter... Jonah Hex